Saturday, January 1, 1994

1999 to 1994 Subtext Readings


Wednesday, December 1st
C.E. Putnam and Dale Going

C.E. Putnam has recently returned to Seattle after years in the Nation's Capitol. He is author of Go-Go Topless Mini-Poem Poetry and co-author of the renga project Communal Bebop Canto. Recent work has appeared in Articulate, Stituation, and Pavement Saw. He used to be part of the problem, but now he is the problem.

From Mill Valley, CA, Dale Going is both a poet and a book artist, proprietor of Em Press. Her books include The View They Arrange from Kelsey St, and As/Of the Whole. She has won numerous prizes for poetry and book design. Recent work appears on-line in HOW2 and CitySearch SF.

Wednesday, November 3rd
Kathleen Fraser

Kathleen Fraser, author of 14 books of poetry, was formerly the Professor of Creative Writing at San Francisco State University from 1972 to 1992, Director of the Poetry Center, founder of American Poetry Archives, and editor of the feminist/experimental poetry journal How(ever). Her recent books include when new time folds up and her selected poems, from Wesleyan U Press, il cuore: the heart. A book of her essays is forthcoming from Wesleyan. She will be reading her poetry and giving a talk on poetics.

Wednesday, October 6th
Subtext Fourth Year Aniversary Reading at Hugo House

Celebrating four years of monthly readings, traditionally featuring one out of town writer with one local writer, Subtext continues its monthly series with a reading/performance by a variety of writers who have previously read in the series. Come listen, celebrate and converse. Readers will include: Nico Vassilakis, Laynie Browne, John Olson, Judith Roche, Robert Mittenthal, Bryant Mason, Brian Carpenter, Noemie Maxwell, Ezra Mark, Herb Levy and other special and not so special guests.

Wednesday, September 1st
Staggered Thirds

This unique trio writes and performs pieces scored for three voices. Staggered Thirds is composed of Gregory Hischak, Anna Mockler, and Doug Nufer. Hischak is editor of Farm Pulp, a playwright, and a fiction writer. He is the 1999 Seattle Grand Poetry Slam Master. Mockler's fiction has appeared in Crab Creek Review, Exquisite Corpse, and other publications. Nufer writes constraint based texts, both fiction and non-fiction. He is an editor of American Book Review and Washington Free Press.

Thursday, August 12th
Barbara Guest

Please note: This event is rescheduled from June and occurs on the second Thursday of August.
Barbara Guest is a recent recipient of the Robert Frost medal. Her fifteenth volume of poetry, If So, Tell Me, is forthcoming this spring from Reality Street. Long associated with the New York School, she is also the author of an acclaimed biography, Herself Defined: The Poet H.D. and Her World. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wednesday, August 4th
Ezra Mark and Stacey Levine

Ezra Mark has cultivated certain typographical errors during his 11 years in Seattle. His work includes Narthex, Tenet, and untitled; magazine publications include American Book Review, Point No Point, and Talisman.

Stacey Levine is the author of My Horse and Other Stories (winner of the PEN West award) and Dra-, both published by Sun & Moon. She has contributed to Nest magazine, C magazine, and The Stranger.

Thursday, May 20th
Joseph Donahue and Harryette Mullen

Joseph Donahue's books include Terra Lucida, World Well Broken, Before Creation, and Monitions of the Approach. He is associate editor of Talisman and co-editor of Primary Trouble: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry. He teaches at the University of Washington.

Harryette Mullen's poetic works include Trimmings, S*PeRM**K*T, and Muse and Drudge. Her critical works include Optic White: Blackness and the Production of Whiteness and Runaway Tongue: Restricted Orality in Uncle Tom's Cabin. She teaches at UCLA.

Thursday, April 22th
Douglas Oliver and Alice Notley

Co-presented by the Rendezvous Reading Series
Douglas Oliver's latest volumes are Penguin Modern Poets 10 (with Iain Sinclair and Denise Riley) and his American Selected Poems (Talisman House) both in 1996. A Salvo for Africa (poems and prose) is forthcoming from Bloodaxe in May 1999. Bloodaxe also published his New York satire, Penniless Politics, in 1994,which Howard Brenton, writing in the Guardian newspaper, said "Sets the literary agenda for the next 20 years." His selected poetry and fiction was published as Three Variations on the Theme of Harm by Paladin in 1990 and he had an earlier Collected Poems titled Kind from Allardyce (Barnett) in 1987.Ê Among his anthology credits are: The New British Poetry (Paladin), A Various Art (Paladin) and Conductors of Chaos (Picador), and he appears The Other British Poetry, currently being published by Wesleyan University Press. As well as books of poetry, his published work includes two novels and an investigation of the relationship between prosody and narrative published by Macmillan and St. Martins presses in 1989. A former journalist, he has moved between Europe and the States, and is now back in Paris teaching at the British Institute.Ê With his wife, Alice Notley, he runs a writing workshop and edits Gare du Nord, a literary magazine.

Alice Notley was born in Bisbee, Arizona in 1945 and grew up in Needles, California in the Mohave Desert.Ê She has a BA from Barnard College and an MFA from The Writers Workshop, University of Iowa.Ê She has lived in Chicago, SanFrancisco, and Bolinas, but for some twenty years lived in New York City, where she became associated with the New York School.Ê For the past six years she has lived in Paris with Doug Oliver, where they edit Gare du Nord together.Ê She has published some twenty-five books, most recently Mysteries of Small Houses and The Descent of Alette, both from Viking Penguin.Ê Her Byzantine Parables was Poetical History No. 45 this year in Peter Riley's series from Cambridge.Ê She is also featured in etruscan reader vii (with Wendy Mulford and Brian Coffey) and is the author of Close to me...& Closer (The Language of Heaven) and Desamere, together in a single volume published by O Books in 1995. Selected Poems of Alice Notley was published by Talisman House, Publishers in 1994.Ê She has recently been anthologized in Poems for the Millenium, Vol II (ed. Joris and Rothenberg) and Moving Borders: Three Decades of Innovative Writing by Women (ed. Mary Margaret Sloan.)Ê She is also in Post-Modern American Poetry:ÊA Norton Anthology (ed. Hoover).Ê Her book How Spring Comes was winner of the San Francisco Poetry Award.Ê She is a two-time NEA grant recipient and the recipient of a General Electric Foundation Award,a NYFA fellowship, several awards from The Fund for Poetry, and a grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, Inc.Ê She now lives permanently in Paris.

Thursday, March 18th
Kenji Yuda and Lee Ann Brown

Kenji Yuda was born in Tokyo, grew up in Sendai City, Japan. He received B.A. degrees from University of Tsukuba, and also from Naropa Institute Boulder, CO.Ê His translation works appear in PsaLm 151, Abolish, and artICHOKE.Ê In 1996 Rodent Press (currently based in Hawaii) published his translation of Miroku, a novella by Taruho Inagaki.Ê He entered the U.S. in 1991, and moved to Seattle in 1997.

Lee Ann Brown's book Polyverse won the New American Poetry Prize and is being published by Sun & Moon Press.Ê This October, she is presenting films and poems at a conference on American Cinema and Poetry at the centre international de poisie Marseille.Ê She is the editor of the independent poetry press, Tender Buttons.Ê Recent publications: in on-line Australian mag, Jacket, the new New York poetry journalÊ Fence (issue #2, Fall 1998), Combo #1 and self-published pamphlet, The Voluptuary Lion Poems of Spring.Ê She teaches in poetry and writing in places as various as Bard College and Bushwick Outreach, Columbia Univeristy and City-As-School, NYC.

Thursday, February 18th
Rebecca Brown and Juliana Spahr

Rebecca Brown's new fiction, The Dogs: A Modern Bestiary, is forthcoming in 1998 from City Lights.Ê She is also the author of six other books of fiction including The Gifts of the Body, The Terrible Girls, Annie Oakley's Girl, The Haunted House, The Children's Crusade, and What Keeps Me Here.Ê Her work has been awarded the Boston Book Review Award for Fiction, The Lambda Literary Award, The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award and a Washington State Governors Award.ÊShe has been widely anthologized, including stories in The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women and The Penguin Book of Lesbian Short Stories. Her novel The Gifts of the Body was recorded as an audio book by Hall Closet in 1996.Ê She taught for several years at the University of Washington, Extension and is currently Writer-in-Residence at The Richard Hugo House Literary Center in Seattle.Ê She has been invited to read or lecture at many universities including Brown University, University of Texas, George Washington University, Georgia Southern University, Colorado College, and the University of Bologna, Italy.Ê She has also taught and read in community settings from prisons to senior citizen's homes, from libraries to bars.Ê On book tour she has read in book stores and performance venues on both coasts of the US and in Britain.Ê

Juliana Spahr's book Response won the 1995 National Poetry Series and is available from Sun & Moon Press.Ê A graduate of the Writing Program at the State University of New York-Buffalo, she is also the author of nuclear and Testimony.Ê With Jena Osman she edits Chain magazine.Ê She currently teaches at the University of Hawaii.

Thursday, January 21th
Maya Sonenberg and Norma Cole

Maya Sonenberg's collection of stories, Cartographies, received the Drue Heinz Literature prize.Ê More recent fiction has appeared in Gargoyle, American Short Fiction, and Santa Monica Review.Ê She has a story forthcoming in American Fiction, Volume Ten: The Best Unpublished Short Stories By Emerging Writers, and teaches in the Creative Writing Program in the University of Washington.

Norma Cole's books of poetry are Mace Hill Remap, Metamorphopsia, My Bird Book, Mars, and most recently MOIRA (O Books), Contrafact (Potes & Poets Press) and Desire & its Double (Instress).Ê Her translations from French include Anne Portugal's Nude, Danielle Collobert's It Then and The Surrealists Look at Art (with Michael Palmer), as well as other poetry and prose that has appeared in many magazines and journals.Ê A Canadian from Toronto, Cole has taught at San Francisco State University, and her residencies include the Center for Poetry and Translation at Djerassi, Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco, the Fondation Royaumont in France, Louisiana State University, the Kootenay School, the Naropa Institute, and Brown University.Ê She has edited a special issue of Avec magazine, and with Stacy Doris co-edited Raddle Moon 16, a special translation issue.Ê Cole has been a recipient of the Gertrude Stein Award several times, received a Gerbode Award for Poetry, an award from The Fund For Poetry, and with Boston photographer Ben E. Watkins won the Purchase Award for their photo/text collaboration, "They Flatter Almost Recognize." Other collaborations include A Library Book with poet Michael Palmer, We Address with painter Amy Trachtenberg, and Catasters, a text and paste up collaboration with visual artist Jess.Ê Considered "a work of great invention and celebration," "ruptured, turbulent," Norma Cole's writing has been translated into French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese


Thursday, November 19th
Laynie Browne and Will Alexander

Laynie Browne's recent books areÊ L O R E (instress) and Rebecca Letters (Kelsey St.). Her forthcoming books include The Agency of Wind (avec) and Pollen Memory (Tender Buttons). Her work has also appeared in o-blek's Writing from the New Coast and Sun & Moon's Gertrude Stein Awards anthology.

Will Alexander's recent books include Asia & Haiti (Sun & Moon) and Towards the Primeval Lightning Fields (O Books). He has several books forthcoming including Above the Human Nerve Domain (Pavement Saw Press) and Impulse & Nothingness (Sun & Moon). Recent work appears in the magazines Callalloo, Conjunctions, Germ, and Orpheus Grid.

Thursday, October 15th
Brian Carpenter and Rob Manery

Brian Carpenter's poems have appeared in Tinfish and the Pen & Sword web-journal. He has lived in Ballard for 21 year.

Rob Manery is the editor and publisher (with Louis Cabri) of Hole Books. He also serves on the collective of the Kootenay School of Writing. Recent work has appeared in Boo, Open Letter, and Raddle Moon.

Thursday, September 17th
Robert Mittenthal and Meredith Quartermain

Robert Mittenthal is author of Martyr Economy and Ready Terms. Recent work appears in Talisman, Alterra, and is forthcoming in the Sun & Moon's Gertrude Stien Awards anthology.

Meredith Quartermain is a Vancouver writer who has published a book of poems entitled Terms of Sale (Meow Press, 1996). She is currently working on a long poem entitled The Book of Words and her work has appeared in West Coast Line, Mirage Period[ical] #4, Mass Ave, and Antenym.

Thursday, August 20th
Roberta Olson and Lisa Jarnot

Roberta Olson is a Seattle poet who has appeared in the anthologies clear-cut : Anthology and Steaming Light.

Lisa Jarnot is the author of Some Other Kind of Mission (Burning Deck). She lives in NYC where she is currently working on a biography of Robert Duncan.

Thursday, July 16th
Bryant Mason and Ed Foster

Bryant Mason writes code and lives in Seattle. Recent work has appeared in Talisman and clear-cut : Anthology.

Ed Foster is the editor of Talisman. He teaches at Stevens Academy in New Jersey, and is author of numerous poetry books and essays. He has a new book from Goats+Compasses.

Thursday, June 18th
Jean Day

Jean Day, from the SF Bay area, has published numerous books of poetry, most recently The Literal World. She has been anthologized in From The Other Side of the Century, In the American Tree, and the new Talisman anthology Moving Borders: Three Decades of Innovative Writing by Womem.

Friday and Saturday, May 23rd-24th
Anselm Hollo Workshop

Anselm Hollo will be conducting a two day writers worksop at University Heights Center, 5031 Univ. Way NE. The cost of the workshop is $40; space is limited. Contact Nico Vassilakis at 763-3129 to reserve your spot.

Thursday, May 21st
Jim Jones and Anselm Hollo

Jim Jones is professor of English at SW Missouri State University who will present a talk on Jack Kerouac in Seattle. He is author of several book length studies of Kerouac including: A Map of Mexico City Blues: Jack Kerouac as Poet and The Paradox of Spontaneity.

Anselm Hollo teaches in the MFA Writing and Poetics Program at Naropa. His most recent books are Corvus (Coffee House) and Ahoe. His translation of Finnish poet P. Saarikoskii's monumental Trilogy is forthcoming from Sun & Moon. This is his first reading in Seattle.

Thursday, April 16th
Maris Kundzins and Crag Hill

Maris Kundzins works with language in visual & sound forms, translates Latvian writers, does language related installations, & is presently working on a video titled "Language Object, Object Language."

Crag Hill, from Pullman, WA, has co-edited/published SCORE Magazine since 1983. His many books include Sixixsix, Trans Sl:ay Huns, & Yes James, Yes Joyce.

Thursday, March 19th
Nico Vassilakis and Judy Radul

Nico Vassilakis's is a founder of Subtext Reading Series & publisher of Sub Rosa Press. His writing has appeared in Ribot, Chain, Central Park & Talisman. Recent books include Orange: A Manual and seqUeNce, a book of concrete poetry.

Judy Radul is an interdisciplinary artist whose performances form a basis for her practice which includes text, audio, video and installation work. Her books include Character Weakness & Rotating Bodies. She teaches at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design.

Thursday, February 19th
Jeff Derksen and Lynne Tillman

Jeff Derksen is a founding member of Vancouver's Kootenay School of Writing and was an editor of the influential magazine Writing. Talon Books has published two collections of his poetry: Down Time (which won a Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize) and Dwell.

Lynne Tillman's new novel, No Lease On Life, was published in January by Harcourt Brace. She has published numerous novels and collections of short fiction as well as essays on culture and art. Her essay collection, The Broad Picture, recently appeared from Serpent's Tail. Tillman is co-head of the Writing Dept of Bard College's MFA program.

Thursday, January 15th
Reuben Radding

Reuben Radding is working on a novel tentatively titled Front Royal. His poems and other writings have been published in various magazines including Kinesis, Alternative Press and Heartache Jello.


Thursday, December 18th
Joe Safdie and
Dorothy Trujillo Lusk

Joe Safdie's books are Saturn Returns and Spring Training. He editied Zephyr and Penisula in the early and late 80s. He moved to Seattle in 1994.

Dorothy Trujillo Lusk has two books, Redactive from Talonbooks, and Oral Tragedy from Tsunami Editions. She lives in Vancouver with her daughter Lulu. Writes Bruce Andrews: "Writing, here, can initiate a not so softened horizon: exsentimental flying saucers of evidence, severely outside."

Thursday, November 20th
Joseph Donahue and Steven Farmer

Joseph Donahue's latest book is World Well Broken, published in 1995 by Talisman House. His two earlier books are Before Creation (1989) and Monitions of the Approach (1991). Born in Dallas TX, but with an accent from his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts, he now teaches at University of Washginton after more than ten years in New York City.

Steven Farmer was born and raised in San Diego. He received a BA in Writing from UCSD and moved to the Bay Area in 1981. There he completed a MA in English at Sonoma State University, studying under poet David Bromige. He is the author of Coracle (w.n.f., 1987), Tone Ward (Coincidence, 1988), World of Shields (w.n.f., 1993) and Standing Water (hic jacet, 1995). His work has appeared in the following publications: Avec, Boundary 2, Dark Ages, Jimmy & Lucy's House of K, Lyric &, Object, Ottotole, Mirage, Pessimistic Labor, Poetics Journal, Big Allis, Sink, "I am a Child": Poetry after Bruce Andrews and Robert Duncan (Tailspin Press), The Poetry Calendar (Sun & Moon), and Writing From The New Coast (o.blek). He has worked in the restaurant industry as a chef for most of his life and is currently teaching culinary arts for Job Corps on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. He lived in Seattle in the early 1990s, where among other things, he worked as a chef in designing and opening the Coastal Kitchen restaurant on Capitol Hill.

Thursday, October 16th
Ezra Mark and Tom Raworth

A sometimes innocent bystander, Ezra Mark is author of Narthex. His work has appeared in Talisman, Five Fingers Review, and the Subtle Journal of Raw Coinage.

Making a rare Seattle appearance, British poet Tom Raworth is the author of numerous books of poetry including Clean & Well Lit: Selected Poems 1987-1995 (Roof, 1996).

Thursday, September 18th
David Bromige and Robin Blaser

David Bromige's many books include Cast of Tens and Desire, winner of the 1988 Western States Book Award. A Canadian born in Britain, he lives in Sebastopol, CA.

At the center of the San Francisco Renaissance, Robin Blaser was closely associated with Jack Spicer and Robert Duncan. His collected books, The Holy Forest, was nominated for the Governor General's Award in 1994. He has lived in Vancouver, BC since 1966.

Thursday, August 21st
Matthew Stadler and Dodie Bellemy

Matthew Stadler is a fiction writer, author of Landscape: Memory, The Dissolution of Nicholas Dee, and The Sex Offender. He has been awarded Guggenheim, Ingraham-Merrill, and Whiting Fellowships for his work. He is currently books editor at The Stranger.

Dodie Bellamy is the author of Real: The Letters of Mina Harker and Sam D'Allesandro (Talisman House, 1994) Feminine Hijinx (Hanuman, 1990) and two chapbooks, Answer (Leave Books, 1993) and Broken English (Meow, 1996). Her work is included in the anthologies High Risk (Plume, 1991), The Art of Practice: 45 Contemporary Poets (Potes & Poets Press, 1994), A Poetics of Criticism (Leave Books, 1994), The New Fuck You (Semiotexte, 1995), PrimaryTrouble (Talisman House 1996), and Moving Borders (Talisman House 1997). Bellamy is currently at work on a multi-dimensional romance, The Fourth Form. With Kevin Killian she has edited 70 issues of the San Francisco-based writing/art zine they call Mirage #4/Period[ical]. She is the director of Small Press Traffic Literary Arts Center.

Thursday, July 17th
John Olson and Christine Stewart

John Olson has published in many magazines, including Sulfur, First Intensity, and New American Writing. His reviews have appeared in The American Book Review, Sulfur, and The Raven Chronicles.

Christine Stewart is a poet from Vancouver, B.C. Her work has appeared in the Exact Change Yearbook, Raddle Moon, and many other publications.

Thursday, June 19th
Leslie Scalapino

Leslie Scalapino's recent publications include Defoe (Sun & Moon); a book-length essay, Objects in the Terrifying Tense / Longing from Taking Place (Roof); a play, Goya's L.A. (Potes & Poets); and The Front Matter, Dead Souls (Wesleyan University Press). Her book way (North Point Press) received the American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation, the Poetry Center Award from San Francisco State University, and the Lawrence Lipton Prize. She has taught at the UCSD, the Naropa Institute, and the San Francisco Art Institute.
Leslie Scalapino will be conducting a two day writers workshop on Friday June 20th from 8-10pm and Saturday afternoon from 2-4pm at University Heights on University Way. The cost is $40. Space is limited, contact Laynie Browne at 524-4859 to reserve your spot.

Thursday, May 15th
Belle Randall and Drew Gardner

Belle Randall's poetry appears in The Gift of Tongues: Twenty-Five Years of Poetry From Copper Canyon Press and is forthcoming in The Threepenny Review. She is the author of two published books of poetry (both out of print) and two unpublished (both seeking a home).

Drew Gardner's books are The Stone Walk and The Cover. His work has appeared in Primary Trouble, Writing from the New Coast, Lingo, Object, and many other magazines.

Thursday, April 17th
Danika Dinsmore and
Myung Mi Kim

Danika Dinsmore's work has appeared in Bombay Gin, 13th Moon, and Chain. She has an MFA from Naropa. Her first book, traffic, is forthcoming from It Plays in Peroria Press.

Myung Mi Kim's books include Dura, forthcoming from Sun & Moon, The Bounty, and Under Flag. She is chair of the Creative Writing Program at San Francisco State.

Thursday, March 20th
Elizabeth Willis and Peter Gizzi

Elizabeth Willis's most recent books are Second Law, and The Human Abstract, which won the National Poetry Series in 1994. She teaches at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz.

Peter Gizzi teaches at UC Santa Cruz. Editor of Exact Change Yearbook and o·blêk, his books include Periplum, Music for Films, and Hours of the Book.

Thursday, February 20th
Laura Moriarty

Laura Moriarty's recent books include like roads, Rondeaux, and Symmetry. She manages the American Poetry Archive at San Francisco State.

Thursday, January 16th
Doug Nufer and Susan Clark

Doug Nufer's latest novel is Never Again, portions of which appear in clear-cut : Anthology and Vortext. His writing has appeared in publication as diverse as Washington Free Pree, The Stranger, and Sports Illustrated.

From Vancouver, Susan Clark is co-editor of Raddle Moon and Giantess. She has two books forthcoming: Theatre of the New World of the Time, and Suck Glow.


Thursday, December 19th
Judith Roche and Sharon Thesen

Judith Roche is the author of two collections of poetry, Myrrh/My Life as a Screamer and Ghosts and has been been published in numerous journals and magazines. Roche has taught poetry at the University of Washington Extension Program, Antioch, Seattle Pacific University, and throughout the Northwest as an Artist-In-Residence.

Sharon Thesen's latest book is Aurora from Coach House Press. She lives in Vancouver, BC.

Thursday, November 21st
Roberta Olson and Aaron Shurin

Roberta Olson is a Seattle poet who has appeared in the anthologies clear-cut : Anthology and Steaming Light.

Aaron Shurin's poetry books include Into Distances, A'S Dream, and A Door, forthcoming in '97. His newest book is a collection of essays, UNBOUND: A Book of AIDS (Sun & Moon Press). He's received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council, and teaches regularly at San Francisco State University and the University of San Francisco.

Saturday, November 9th
Jaap Blonk

Jaap Blonk is a Dutch sound artist who will perform works by Kurt Schwitters and Hugo Ball, as well as his own original scores.

Thursday, October 17th
Robert Mittenthal and Mary Margaret Sloan

Robert Mittenthal's latest book is Martyr Economy. Recent work appears in Avec, clear-cut : Anthology, and Mirage.

Margie Sloan's most recent book is The Said Lands, Islands and Premises from Chax. She lives in San Francisco.

Thursday, September 19th
Gary Hill

Gary Hill, who lives and works in Seattle, is an artist internationally known for his video installations. He is the winner of numerous awards, most recently the Leone D'Or for best sculpture at the 1995 Venice Biennale. Hill has previously collaborated with poets George Quasha and Charles Stein in performances which explore connections between language and image. His work often incorporates poetic and/or philosophical texts of his own or of such writers as Maurice Blanchot, Gregory Bateson, Martin Heidegger, and Ludwig Wittgenstein.
Hill will perform several pieces combining text with video images. In addition, there will be a multi-voice performance accompanied by live music. Video images will be processed live at the performance. For one poet's view of the evening's events, be sure to read Lisa Robertson's review of the Gary Hill performance.

Thursday, August 15th
Bryant Mason and Sianne Ngai

Bryant Mason is a local musician and software developer who currently maintains the Subtext poetry archive on the Worldwide Web. Recent work appears in clear-cut : Anthology.

Sianne Ngai, currently living and working in Cambridge Mass, is co-editor of Black Bread. Her most recent book is My Novel, from Leave Books. Her work has appeared in Raddle Moon, Caliban, Talisman, The Impercipient, Letterbox, Object, Big Allis, Texture, and TO.

Thursday, July 18th
Noemie Maxwell and Lisa Robertson
After the reading will be a special performance by Ellen Fullman

Noemie Maxwell's new book is coming out from Meow Press. She has published work in several magazines including Anatomy Raw, LAFT, and Georgetown Review.

Lisa Robertson is co-editor with Susan Clark of Raddle Moon. She has two books, The Apothecary and XEclogue, from Tsumnami and a third book, Debbie: An Epic, nearing completion. Recent work appears in out of everywhere: linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America and the UK, from reality street editions.

Ellen Fullman will give a short vocal performance following the readings. She is in Seattle to perform an original score for Pat Graney's Movement Mediation. Her musical career was launched at the age of one when Elvis Presley kissed her hand.

Thursday, June 20th
Michael Magoolaghan and Catriona Strang with Francois Houle

Michael Magoolaghan is a PhD candidate in American Iiterature at the UW. He is former co-editor of Sonora Review and former assistant editor of MLQ. Poems have appeared in Tyuonyi, Situation and elsewhere.

Poet Catriona Strang and clarinetist Francois Houle's collaborations explore the complex and sometimes antagonistic relationship between language and music. Strang is author of Low Fancy, from ECW Press in Toronto. Houle's latest CD is any terrain tumultuous.

Thursday, May 16th
Joe Keppler and Gerald Burns

Joe Keppler is publisher of POETS.PAINTERS.COMPOSERS. He writes non-fiction reviews for the Seattle Times.

Gerald Burns, from Portland, has numerous books including Shorter Poems from Dalkey Archive (1992 National Poetry Series), Longer Poems from Barn Burner Press, and Probability and Fuzzy Dice from Standing Stones.

Thursday, April 18th
Jeanne Heuving and Dan Farrell

Jeanne Heuving's recent work appears in Common Knowledge and Hubbub. Her book on Marianne Moore, Omissions Are Not Accidents, was published by Wayne State Universiry Press in 1992.

Dan Farrell, from Vancouver, is author of ape and Thimking Of You, both from Tsunami Press. He is co-editor of Boo magazine.

Thursday, March 21st
Nico Vassilakis and Laura Feldman

Nico Vassilakis is author of eight chapbooks and the editor of clear-cut : Anthology. He has work forthcoming in Chain and Caliban.

Laura Feldman, from Portland, has had work published in Avec, Texture, Central Park, Prosodia and the O Two/Anthology.

Thursday, February 15th
Laynie Browne and Kathryn MacLeod

Laynie Browne has two books forthcoming, Rebecca Letters from Kelsey St. Press and Pollen Memory from Tender Buttons. Her work has been anthologized in o-blek's Writing from the New Coast.

Kathryn MacLeod, from Vancouver, has a book forhtcoming, Mouth-Piece from Tsunami Editions. She has had work publiced in Avec, Raddle Moon, Big Allis, and Writing.
Both Browne and MacLeod are recipients of Gertrude Stein Awards for innovative poetry, an anthology published by Sun & Moon Press.

Thursday, January 18th
Mickey O'Connor and Dan Raphael

Mickey O'Connor's most recent book is The Charlesgate Apartment Poems from Elbow Press. He is a graduate of the Naropa Institute.

Dan Raphael, from Portland, is author of eight books of poetry, most recently The Bones Begin to Sing from 26 Books. He has had work published in Caliban, Asylum, and Central Park.


Thursday, December 14th
Ezra Mark and Deanna Ferguson

Ezra Mark is published in the latest Five Fingers Review. He is editor of Vortext.

Deanna Ferguson is editor of Boo Magazine and author of The Relative Minor, from Vancouver's Tsunami Editions. She is a recipient of a Gertrude Stein Award for innovative poetry.

Thursday, November 16th
Joseph Donahue and Melissa Wolsak

Joseph Donahue recently moved to Seattle from NYC. He has a new book, World Well Broken, from Talisman House in New Jersey.

From Whistler, B.C., Melissa Wolsak's latest book is The Garcia Family Co-Mercy, published by Tsunami Editions.

Thursday, October 19th
John Olson and Stacy Doris

John Olson is poetry editor of Raven Chronicles and has published in many magazines, including Sulfur, First Intensity, and New American Writing.

Stacy Doris, from NYC by way of Paris, has a new book, Kildare, from Roof Books. Thursday, September 21st Stacey Levine and Peter Culley Stacey Levine's book, My Horse and other stories, published by Sun & Moon Press, won the 1994 PEN/West Award for fiction. Peter Culley, from Nanaimo, B.C., has a new book, The Climax Forest, from Leech Books.

Subtext series of readings and talks at Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers, 121 First Ave.:

Friday, May 26th
Susan Clark, Jeanne Heuving, and Catriona Strang

Susan Clark /reading (Vancouver) is an editor of Raddle Moon and Giantess. She is a member of the Kootenay School of Writing. Author of Believing in the World: a reference work (Tsunami Editions) and forthcoming Suck Glow (Leech). Also the publisher of 'Sprang Text' a chapbook series. Recent work has appeared in Chain and Avec.

Jeanne Heuving /reading (Seattle) is on the faculty of the Bothell Campus of the University of Washington and a member of the Language Poetry Reading Group, organized by Robert Mittenthal. She has published a book of criticism on Marianne Moore Omissions Are Not Accidents and poetry in Common Knowledge and Hubbub, among other journals.

Catriona Strang /reading (Vancouver) is co-editor of Raddle Moon and Barscheit. She is author of Low Fancy, TEM, and most recently The Institute Songbook with Nancy Shaw and Monika Ghenon. She frequently collaborates with clarinet and saxophonist Francois Houle and is an avid gardener.

Wednesday, May 24th
Marvin Sackner and Crag Hill

Marvin Sackner /talk (a rare visit) - 'Concrete and Visual Poetry: Writing and Typing' (Miami Beach) is co-founder, along with Ruth Sackner, of the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry. It is one of the largest, if not the largest collection of this material in the world. He curated The Beauty in Breathing sponsored by the American Lung Association thus merging his double life as doctor and collector. In 1991, he was voted "Best 400 Doctors in America" by Good Housekeeping.

Crag Hill /reading (Pullman) co-editor/publisher of "Score Magazine" since 1983, has poems that have appeared in magazines throughout the world, and in a dozen books or booklets including Dict, Sixixsix (Xexoxial Endarchy), The Week, American Standard (Runaway Spoon), and Trains Sl:ay Huns (Generator Press). Another Switch is forthcoming from Norton Coker Press.

Wednesday, May 17th
Joseph Keppler and Nico Vassilakis

Joseph Keppler /talk 'Writing's Ethic' (Seattle) publishes POETS.PAINTERS.COMPOSERS. He writes non fiction reviews for Seattle Times. A recent essay "The News as a Post Literary Spectacle" appears in the latest issue of VISIBLE LANGUAGE.

Nico Vassilakis /reading (Seattle) compiles REMIXSPONSE CATEGORIARRAY and co-edits Sub Rosa Press since 1985. He has seven chapbooks to date including A Name For Radio (Elbow Press) and Artaud What (Runaway Spoon). His work has appeared in O.ars, Caliban, Central Park, Lower Limit Speech, and forthcoming in Lyric and Kiosk. He co-manages small press bookshelves featuring Northwest writers at the Globe Cafe.

Friday, May 12th
Tom Malone, Ezra Mark, and Robert Mittenthal

Tom Malone /reading (Seattle) has led creative writing classes for such varied inmates as undergraduates, high school students, and prisoners at a state penitentiary. Published works include translations of Michaux and Piret, "Rope" - a chance operation generated from Blake's "Europe", and excerpts from "Puget Safe" - an historical investigation into the language of Puget Sound. MFA in Writing and Poetics from The Naropa Institute.

Ezra Mark /reading (Seattle) native of Cleveland, Ohio. Edits/publishes Vortext, a peripatetic assemblage of text, visuals and marginalia. He is the author of Narthex and recent work will appear soon in Five Fingers Review. He cites the visual work of Joseph Cornell and Brice Marsen as influences.

Robert Mittenthal /reading (Seattle) is a name identical to what. If less disjunct = what's up, then yes, exactly. Or what one is returns at once to "is an is or isn't." Recently published in Avec #8 and forthcoming in #9. Last book is Martyr Economy (Sprang Text), preceded by Ready Terms (Tsunami Editions). Affiliated with the Kootenay School of Writing, Vancouver BC. Also published in: Raddle Moon; Writing; Hambone; Tyuonyi; Mississippi Mud. Essays on art/poetry published in: Writing; Line; Reflex; Visions; and misc. art catalogues.

Friday, May 5th
Noemie Maxwell, Spencer Selby, and John Olson

Noemi Maxwell /reading (Seattle) has made thousands of little sun and man shapes and put them in a town of her own devising where the linings of the raincoats are emblazoned with doves. She is co-editor of Sub Rosa Press. Her work has appeared in Arterial, Seattle Poems by Seattle Poets, Mr. Chipwick's Bamboo Broadsides, Georgetown Review, and Anatomy: Raw.

Spencer Selby /talk - 'Alternative Making' (San Francisco) started SINK Press in 1986. Some books include House of Before (Potes and Poets), Sound Off (Detour), and No Island forthcoming from Drogue Press. Also newly published is Malleable Cast (Generator), a book of visual poetry. He began 'The List of Experimental Poetry/Art Magazines' which circulates and tracks over 200 publications around the world.

John Olson /reading (Seattle) his work has appeared in numerous literary journals, including Another Chicago Magazine, Sulfur, New American Writing, The Raven Chronicles, Volt, Caliban, and Mirage Period(ical). "I believe form is an extension of dance and content is a lagoon in China. If predicates didn't exist I'd probably turn into fog. Nouns are a valuable contribution to aviation. I live in Seattle with my wife Roberta Olson."


Subtext readings were held at Signature Bound Booksellers, Belltown featuring:

Stacey Levine and Noemie Maxwell

Robert Mittenthal and Kirby Olson

Steve Creson and John Olson

Nico Vassilakis and blackhumor

Ezra Mark and Tom Malone

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