Saturday, October 10, 2009

Subtext On Hiatus

After 15 years of hosting monthly readings we are taking a break.

We're grateful to all those who attended and helped create community.

The Subtext Collective would like to thank all our local and out-of-state readers for sharing their work.

Some local readers on youtube.
Two articles about the reading series by Travis Nichols.
And an older one by Stacey Levine.
Audio documents will become available in the future.

Special thanks to our hosts over these 15 years:

Signature Bound Books
Speakeasy Cafe
Richard Hugo House
Nonsequitur and Wayward Music Series

fifteen years worth of readers at the
subtext reading series
1994 to 2009
seattle, wa

David Abel
Will Alexander
Charles Alexander
Charles Altieri
Rae Armantrout
Eric Baus
Dodie Bellamy
Anselm Berrigan
Robin Blaser
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Jaap Blonk
Christian Bok
Curtis Bonney
Charles Borkhuis
George Bowering
Jules Boykoff
Joseph Bradshaw
Jonathan Brannen
David Bromige
Rebecca Brown
Lee Ann Brown
Laynie Browne
Mary Burger
Clint Burnham
Gerald Burns
Avery Burns
David Buuck
Brian Carpenter
Tyler Carter
Maxine Chernoff
Don Mee Choi
Susan Clark
Allison Cobb
Alicia Cohen
Norma Cole
Jen Coleman
Steve Collis
Daniel Comiskey
Lucy Corin
Martin Corless-Smith
Steve Creson
Michael Cross
Peter Culley
Crystal Curry
KT Cutler
Beverly Dahlen
Jean Day
Christine Deavel
Christopher DeLaurenti
April DeNonno
Jeff Derksen
Vanessa DeWolf
Danika Dinsmore
Joseph Donahue
Stacy Doris
Buck Downs
kari edwards
Zhang Er
Brian Evenson
Steve Farmer
Dan Farrell
Laura Feldman
Joel Felix
Deanna Ferguson
Robert Fitterman
Ed Foster
William Fox
Kathleen Fraser
Ethan Fugate
Drew Gardner
Diana George
Peter Gizzi
Dale Going
Phil Good
Adriana Grant
Barbara Guest
Alan Halsey
Carla Harryman
Kreg Hasegawa
Jeanne Heuving
Lindsey Hill
Gary Hill
Crag Hill
Jen Hofer
Anselm Hollo
Paul Hoover
Bill Horist
Francois Houle
Susan Howe
Bethany Ides
Brenda Iijima
Lisa Jarnot
Philip Jenks
Jim Jones
Andrew Joron
Mike Katell
Joseph Keppler
Steven Kessler
Kevin Killian
Marion Kimes
Alison Knowles
Maris Kundzins
Drew Kunz
Susan Landers
MaryRose Larkin
Hank Lazer
Stacey Levine
Jill Levine
Kristen Loree
Jodi Lundgren
Bill Luoma
Kathryn MacLeod
Michael Magoolaghan
David Maitlin
Tom Malone
Rob Manery
Sarah Mangold
Donato Mancini
Chris Mann
Ezra Mark
John Marshall
Bryant Mason
Noemie Maxwell
Bernadette Mayer
David McAleavey
Steve McCaffery
Jim McCrary
Meg McHutchison
Deborah Meadows
Myung Mi Kim
Robert Mittenthal
Geraldine Monk
Laura Moriarty
Rusty Morrison
Charles Mudede
Harryette Mullen
Paul Nelson
Sianne Ngai
Alice Notley
Doug Nufer
Mickey O'Connor
Peter O'Leary
Douglas Oliver
Lance Olsen
Andi Olsen
John Olson
Kirby Olson
Roberta Olson
Will Owen
Mark Owens
Jack Ox
Shin Yu Pai
Marjorie Perloff
David Perry
C.E. Putnam
Meredith Quartermain
Peter Quartermain
However Quartet
Reuben Radding
Judy Radul
Brett Ralph
Belle Randall
Dan Raphael
Tom Raworth
Tim Risher
Ed Roberson
Lisa Robertson
Elizabeth Robinson
Judith Roche
Janet Rodney
Martha Ronk
Rhoda Rosenfeld
Lou Rowan
Marvin Sackner
Jocelyn Saidenberg
Joe Safdie
Kaia Sand
Janet Sarbanes
Leslie Scalapino
Seattle School
Susan Schultz
Leonard Schwartz
Spencer Selby
Cathleen Shattuck
Steven Shaviro
Nancy Shaw
Brandon Shimoda
Aaron Shurin
Ron Silliman
Stephanie Skura
Mary Margaret Sloan
Willie Smith
Rod Smith
Danny Snelson
Maya Sonenberg
Kerri Sonnenberg
Juliana Spahr
Matthew Stadler
Ron Starr
Christine Stewart
Donna Stonecipher
Catriona Strang
Chris Stroffolino
Stacy Syzmaszek
Mark Tardi
Nathaniel Tarn
Sharon Thesen
Staggered Thirds
James Tierney
Lynne Tillman
Dorothy Trujillo Lusk
Jacqueline Turner
Craig Van Riper
Nico Vassilakis
Aaron Vidaver
Fred Wah
Liz Waldner
Betsy Warland
Margareta Waterman
Jacqueline Waters
Barrett Watten
Karen Weiser
Elizabeth Willis
Lissa Wolsak
Kenji Yuda
Lidia Yuknavitch
Maged Zaher
Joseph Zitt

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

David Buuck & Joel Felix (10/7/09)

@ 7:30 p.m.

David Buuck is author of The Shunt (Palm) & Buried Treasure Island (Barge/YBCA). Founder of Bay Area Research Group in Enviro-aesthetics, co-founder of Tripwire, and contributing ed. at Artweek, he teaches at the SF Art Instit. & Bard College. He lives in Oakland.

Joel Felix is a poet and co-editor of LVNG (Chicago) recently relocated to Seattle. His most recent chapbook is Regional Noir (Bronze Skull). Other works include Monaural (Answer Tag), and Catch and Release (Chicago Poetry Project).

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Martin Corless-Smith & Brandon Shimoda (9/2/09)

@ 7:30 p.m.

Martin Corless-Smith’s books include Swallows, Nota, Complete Travels, and Of Piscator. His next volume is two intersecting books entitled English Fragments / A Brief History of the Soul forthcoming from West House Books (Sheffield, England) & Five Seasons Press (Hereford, England). Born & raised in Worcestershire, England, he now teaches literature and creative writing at Boise State University.

Brandon Shimoda was born in Yellow Picnic, USA. He is the author of The Alps (Flim Forum), The Inland Sea (Tarpaulin Sky) & the forthcoming O Bon (Litmus). He currently lives in Seattle, where he takes part in the lives of both Slope mag & Wave Books.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Norma Cole & Will Owen (8/5/09)

@ 7:30 p.m.

Norma Cole is a poet, painter and translator. Her most recent book is Where Shadows Will, Selected Poems 1988-2008 (City Lights). Other books include Spinoza in Her Youth (Omnidawn) and Scout (Krupskaya). She has translated Danielle Collobert, Anne Portugal, & Fouad Gabriel Naffah. Cole has been the recipient of a Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation Award, Gertrude Stein Awards, as well as awards from The Fund for Poetry. "Poetics of Vertigo," Cole’s George Oppen Memorial Lecture, won the Robert D. Richardson Non-Fiction Award. Canadian by birth, Cole migrated via France to San Francisco where she has lived since 1977.

Will Owen, a recent Evergreen graduate, has published poems, translations, and collaborative reactions in Peaches and Bats, Slightly West and a side, & Crawlspace's Scrawl. Since last October, Will has been enthusing a bleak landscape through Gallery 1412's poetry reading series and related evenings.

THANKS to WAYWARD MUSIC SERIES and NONSEQUITUR for co-sponsoring this event.