Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Subtext New Year Happening: Reprise of Anniversary Reading

Subtext Reading Series celebrates the new year with a virtual reprise of our 6/6/07 reading inaugurating our new venue at Chapel Performance Space.

We’re very excited and happy to be working with Nonsequitur.

This reading marked the series' 13th anniversary. You can read about the history of the series here.

Videos are now available for the following performers:

Curtis Bonney, Joseph Bradshaw, Daniel Comiskey, Crystal Curry, Christine Deavel, April Denonno, Adriana Grant, Drew Kunz, Sarah Mangold, Ezra Mark, Bryant Mason, Robert Mittenthal, Paul Nelson, Melanie Noel, Doug Nufer, Mickey O’Connor, John Olson, Roberta Olson, C.E. Putnam, Willie Smith, Craig Van Riper, Nico Vassilakis, Bethany Wright & Maged Zaher. [Note that you can also watch these videos at the Subtext youtube page.]

Here's Doug Nufer singing his special holiday video interlace anthem.

Happy 2008!

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