Wednesday, January 7, 2009


@ 7:30 pm

Kristen Loree
performs Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonata accompanied by projected images from Jack Ox's paintings. Ox's images are visual representations of Schwitter's score.
The entire painting is one foot high and runs in multiple segments for eight hundred feet.

"Complicated rules based on musicological theory dictated the content, color, and orientation of each and every segment, whether the fractured views depicted were interiors - views of the Merzbau - or scenic landscapes in Norway and England, where Schwitters spent several years in exile." (Maria Porges)

Loree will also perform By Language Embellished by composer Stuart Saunders Smith.

*Kristen Loree is a native New Mexican who has been studying creativity, performance and vocology her entire life. She has performed locally and nationally on stage, in concert halls and in film. She directs plays for children and adults and spends her free time writing songs. Kristen has been teaching voice and performance techniques at UNM and privately for the past 13 years. She also works with the Santa Fe Opera in their Student Produced Opera Program. She is a founding member and Artistic Coordinator of Sol Arts.

*Jack Ox has studied beyond her MFA in visual arts at UCSD and has done considerable research in both music theory [Manhattan School of Music, NYC] and phonetics [U. of Cologne ] in order to produce a large body of work which is a visual mapping and structured understanding of of music. Her work includes visualizations of Igor Stravinsky's Symphony in Three Movements, Gregorian Chant, and Debussy's Nuages. During her six year stay in Germany she made an 800 sq.' visualization of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate, the 41 minute long sound poem. Ox has been on the editorial board of Leonardo for over 10 years and was guest co-editor "Synesthesia and Intersense". Since receiving initial start up funds from Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria in 1998 she has been collaborating with David Britton on The 21st Century VirtualColor Organ (TM), a virtual reality performance in an immersive environment. The project received further support from NCSA at the U. of ILL,U-C, Boston U., SGI, EAI, Ox was a Visiting Fellow in the dept. of Computer Science, LUTCHI Research Centre, U. of Loughborough,UK, and a visiting artist at the Art and Technology Center and High Performance Computing Center at the U. of New Mexico as she began work on the current Color Organ project; Gridjam.

Co-presented by nonsequitur.

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